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FontDoctor for Windows v2.6.1 Incl Keygen / RS / 5 MB

It's the Ultimate font repair tool. Put an end to font crashes and font cache nightmares. With FontDoctor, these are problems of the past. FontDoctor is a professional software tool that takes the work out of locating, diagnosing and repairing the most common font problems. It goes a step beyond Suitcase Fusion's corruption and repair capabilities by allowing users to generate detailed reports about bad fonts, weed-out improperly organized suitcases and re-sort fonts into alphabetical folders for safe-keeping and backup.

Locate and eliminate aggravating font problems such as orphaned screen fonts and Postscript outlines, corrupt fonts, extra font sizes, and mixed font types
Quickly scan font folders on local hard drives or over a network for fast resolution
Know where your fonts are at all times using FontDoctor's powerful font organization features that allow you to sort and organize the way you work.
Removes corrupt font cache files
Backup your entire font collection for safe keeping, with the Archive feature.


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